Bobby Cochrane, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

2018: Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification Workshop, American Institute of Balance

2018: American Red Cross: Emergency Medical Responder Course

2017: Combined Sections Meeting San Antonio

2016: American Red Cross: Emergency Medical Responder Course

2016: Impact-Trained Physical Therapist (ITPT)

2015: Dr. Stuart McGill: Building the Ultimate Back

2014: The Graston Technique – M2

2014: Emergency Medical Responder Course

2014: Athlete’s Performance

2013: The Mulligan Concept Introductory Course

2013: The Graston Technique – M1

2013: The Running Course: The Next Step

2013: NAIOMT S-740

2013: Cressey Performance Fall

2012: American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) National Conference

2012: Functional Movement System – Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Workshop

2012: Selected Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA): An Integrated Model to Address Regional Interdependence – Level 1

2012: Y – Balance Test Home Study

2012: Barefoot Running versus Orthotic Intervention: Room for Both?

2011: Hip & Knee Pathology: Intervention & Rehabilitation

2011: Westbrook College of Health Professions 8th Annual Spring Symposium: Innovated Health Care Models for Chronic Health Conditions

2011: Maine State Clinic – NSCA Maine Symposium: Exercise and Sport Performance

Tim Davoren, PT, ATC

2019:  Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation, Owens Recovery Science
2019:  The Athletic Trainers Response to Opioid Crisis Comprehensive 360 Approach NHMSI
2019:  Evidence Based Practice for the Treatment of Running Injuries, Maine General Med Ctr
2019:  Manual Therapy and Self Care Techniques, Summit Professional Education
2019:  Functional Geriatrics Rehabilitation, Summit Professional Education
2019:  Neurologic Dry Needling for Pain Mgmt & Sports Rehab, Dr. Ma’s Dry Needling Institute
2018:  AHA BLS HealthCare Provider Cert #ME04141
2018:  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification USM instructors Joe Allen, Susan Knapp
2017:  Spectrum HealthCare Conference: Interdisciplinary Spine Management
2017:  Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, Comprehensive Treatment of the Knee, Great Lakes Seminars, Scott Braje
Sequencing and Exercise Progression of Postural Restoration, Michael Mullin
2016:  Great Lakes Seminars Applied Techniques Manual Therapy of Common Extremity Dysfunction Through Mobilization, Jeff Garbacz
2015:  Northeast Seminars Functional Exam, Treatment SIJ, Pubic Symphysis Brian Mulligan
Dark Angel Medical, LLC: Tactical Aid Course
2015:  Charlie Weingroff: Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training Seminar
2014:  EXOS Lower Quarter Functional Restoration Workshop
2013:  Dr. Stuart McGill: Building the Ultimate Back
2013:  Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership, Health Leadership Development Program
2012:  Graston II Techniques
2012:  Graston I Techniques
2012:  F.I.S.T Institute Slowtwitch F.I.S.T. Certification, Dan Empfield
2012:  SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment: Evidence Based Clinical Model to Address Regional Interdependence
2011:  Examination and Treatment of Running Injuries, Brian Heidersheit
2011:  Winter Base Training for the Endurance Athlete—Joe Friel
The 62nd Eastern Athletic Trainers Association Conference and Clinical Symposium
2011:  The Running Course, Scott Straker, Brian Heidersheit
2010:  Myokinematic Restoration, Michael Cantrell
2010:  The Lower Extremity: An International Conference; The Pelvis, Knee, Foot, and Ankle
2010:  Recent Advances in the Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder and Knee, Kevin Wilk
2010:  Effective Techniques for Total Body Strengthening: Physiology of Strength Training, Program Design
2009:  Perform Better Functional Training Summit, Providence
2009:  Mass Position Theory, Orthotic Design Certified Sole Support Advanced Clinical Training
2009:  NSCA Sports Nutrition, Sports Specific Training Education Program, Anaheim, Ca.
Postural Respiration, Ron Hruska
2008:  Sports and Spine Rehab Symposium Functional Approach to the Spine
2008:  Mulligan Concept Upper Quadrant Mobilizations with Movement, ‘Nags’, ‘Snags’ & More, Amy Bennett, PT
2007:  USM Sports Nutrition Symposium, University of Southern Maine.
2007:  Functional Movement Screening & Core Training Workshop, Functional Movement by Lee Burton, Gray Cook
2006:  Difficult Conversations: Courageous Leadership Approaches to Challenging Situations, Institute for Civic Leadership, Freeport Maine
2006:  Myofascial Release: State of the Art Tissue Mobilization, Cross Country Education
Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, Comprehensive Treatment of the Shoulder, Great Lakes Seminars
2006:  Teambuilding Experience Seminar: Institute for Civic Leadership, Portland, Maine
2006:  Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, Holistic Treatment of the Foot and Ankle
2006:  UVM Sports Medicine Updates in Shoulder and Knee Concepts, Burlington, VT – Foot and Ankle Update 2004, HEALTHSOUTH
2004:  Myokinematic Restoration—Integrated Approach to Treatment of Patterned Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics
2004: When Heads Don’t Heal, HEALTHSOUTH
UVM Sports Medicine Updates in Shoulder and Knee Concepts, Burlington, VT
2004:  Basic Course in Research Techniques, University of Vermont
2004:  When Work Gets on Your Nerves: New Perspectives on the Management of Cumulative Trauma Disorders, HEALTHSOUTH
“When the Feet Hit the Ground…Everything Changes, L 1”
2004:  Entrepreneurial Extravaganza—An Innovators Workshop, Brad Cooper
2002:  Advanced Course, Patellofemoral Dysfunction: Exam & Treatment Methods, Kate Grace
Concussion Symposium, HEALTHSOUTH, Dana Center Portland Maine
2002:  QCE/Clinician MBA Course, HEALTHSOUTH
2001:  Advances in the Shoulder and Knee, Cincinnati Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center
Criticism and Discipline Skill for Managers, Career Track Seminars
2001:  McKenzie—The Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, Part B:Cervical, Thoracic Spine
2001:  Non-Surgical Orthopedic Differential Diagnosis & Treatment of Lumbar Spine, SI Joint & Hip, Northeast Seminars, Russell Woodman
2001:  Microsoft Office, Fred Prior Seminars
2001:  Worldwide Lessons in Leadership, USM Center for Continuing Education
2001:  Stress and Disease: Who Gets Sick& Who Stays Well, Michael Meaney, Ph.D.
1999:  Word for Windows 95 Module II, Lisa McGarry, Valcom VTEC.
1999:  McKenzie-The Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Part A: Lumbar
1998:  Building and Rebuilding the Complete Athlete with Vern Gambetta
1998:  The McConnell Approach to the Problem Shoulder
1998:  Listen to the Body-Dr. R. Friedman, Mind/Body Medical Institute, Harvard Medical School
1998:  Mulligan Concept of “NAGS & SNAGS”
1997:  Management Skills for New Supervisors, Skillpath Seminars
How to Supervise People, Fred Prior Seminars
1997:  Visceral Manipulation 1B, The Upledger Institute
1997:  Visceral Manipulation 1A, The Upledger Institute
1997:  Chain Reaction, Gary Gray, Wynn Marketing
1997:  Craniosacral Therapy L1, The Upledger Institute
1996:  St, John Neuromuscular Therapy for Pain Mechanism of Low Back
1996:  Muscle Energy Techniques for Pelvis, Sacrum, Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Spine, Sharon Weiselfish, Northeast Seminars
1996:  Manual Therapy for the Upper Quadrant C/T Spine & Rib Cage: M.E./Counterstrain Techniques, Jay Cain
1995:  Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in High School Athletes, Presented to the Brain Injury Association of Maine
1994:  Family Practice Resident Lecture on Proper Utilization and Understanding of Physical Therapy, “P.T.–Fact, Fiction, and Prescription” Annual Lecture to each Maine Medical Center Class Annually.
1993:  Family Practice Sports Medicine Fellows Annual 16 Week Lecture and Practicum Series on Evaluation and Treatment Approach of the Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Ryan Mulligan, PT, DPT

2020: The Graston Technique- M1

2017:  Master Dry Needling Level 1, Ken Cooper

Kelly Williamson, PT, DPT

2020: Clinical Gait Assessment

2020: Foundations of Blood Flow Restriction Training

2020: Proposed Mechanism of Blood flow Restriction Training

2020: Evidence-Based Examination of the Knee and Thigh: An Update

2020: Balance Training and Fall Prevention for the Active Geriatric Population

Christina Levesque Monroe, PT, DPT

2020: The Graston Technique- M1
2017:  Level I Master Dry Needling Certified, Ken Cooper
2014:  Introduction to Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Effective Documentation 4. Shoulder Stabilization
2014:  General Sports, Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute
2014:  Shoulder Stabilization, Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute
2014:  Fred Pryor Customer Service Seminar, Fred Pryor
2013:  Advances in the Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine Disorders, North American Seminars, Chris Durall
2012:  Wheelchair Seating and Positioning, Summit Professional Education

Nic Paré, PT, DPT, Cert. VRS

2020: The Graston Technique- M1

2019: Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS)

Delaney Gaentano, PT, DPT

2020:  Balance Training and Fall Prevention for the Active Geriatric Population
2020:  Evidence Based Examination of the Shoulder
2020:  Evidence Based Treatment of the Shoulder
2020:  Evidence Based Examination of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand
2020:  Evidence Based Treatment of the Lumbar Spine
2018:  Explain Pain, Neuro Orthopedic Institute