Tim Davoren, PT, ATC

Tim Davoren, PT, ATC

Physical Therapy Manager – Yarmouth

Tim, a native New Englander, graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Science Degree to become

licensed as a Physical Therapist while also completing an internship program for his Athletic Training Certificate.

During his thirty years of clinical and on-field experience, Tim built up the largest physician-owned therapy practice in Maine, and continues to challenge himself by staying up-to-date with his clinical education.

Tim hones his expertise with all orthopedic injuries and surgeries allowing him to treat even the most complex athletic and workplace injuries with a focus on individualized patient care.

Through his distinguished career, Tim has established a great network of physicians, personal trainers, coaches, and allied healthcare providers to complement his well-rounded patient care philosophy. He works daily with multi-sport and CrossFit athletes and is Slowtwitch FIT Institute F.I.S.T. BikeFit Certified. Tim has learned the bio-mechanical challenges of many sports and experienced first-hand how to manage stubborn injuries.

Tim’s clinical approach is deeply personal and always flexible, he takes great pride in returning athletes to sports. Tim currently resides in Yarmouth with his two teenage daughters and is a passionate outdoorsman and avid cyclist.

Continuing Education:

  • 2023: MaineGeneral Osteopathic Considerations for Concussion and When to Refer to OMT
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Cardiac Injuries in Sports & Non-Emergent Spine Injuries
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Youth Depression & Anxiety in School Athletics & CBD in the World of Sports Medicine
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Altitude Training in Athletics
  • 2023: MaineGeneral The Aging Athlete
  • 2023: MaineGeneral The Importance of Training Muscles of Head and Neck & Concussion Diagnosis, Treatment, VOMS
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Lyme Disease in Sports
  • 2023: MaineGeneral The Pediatric ACL
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Joint Health Lifelong Considerations for the Injured Athlete
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Sports Medicine Evaluation: Kinesiology Tape and Its Applications
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Sports Medical Evaluation: LE Kinetic Chain: Ankle Excessive Pronation of the foot and Windlass Taping
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Sports Nutrition and Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment of Shoulder and Hip
  • 2023: MaineGeneral Ligamentous Injuries of the Hand & OCD Lesions of the Knee
  • 2023: Blood Flow Restriction Training and Therapy, Glass Training and Education
  • 2022: MaineGeneral 13th Annual Spring Symposium: The Power Athlete & End Phase Rehab Sport Integration
  • 2022: MaineGeneral Sports Dentistry: An Essential Part of the Sports Medicine Team
  • 2022: MaineGeneral Fractures to the Shoulder and Elbow & Upper Extremity Dislocations
  • 2022: 1st Annual Fall Symposium Low Back Injuries & Conditioning for Cheering and the Gynmastics Athlete
  • 2021: MGMC and Colby College Sports Medicine Education Series (RSS), Maine General Medical Center
  • 2021: EBP – Ultimate Guide to Screening and Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Injuries, Accelerated Online Learning
  • 2021: BFR: How to Use it For Clinical Application, Maine General Medical Center
  • 2021: MATA Spring Conference 2021, Maine Athletic Trainers’ Association
  • 2021: Effective Functional Assessment and Testing, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Rehabilitation myths in Orthopedic Rehab of the Lower Body, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Integrative Functional Core Strengthening, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Hip & Pelvis Disfunction, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Virtual Polar Bear Sports Medicine Conference, Bowdoin College
  • 2021: Practical Fueling for the High School Athlete, National Athletic Trainers’ Association
  • 2021: Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Joint Replacement, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Therapeutic Exercise, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Strengthening Core Stability, Summit Professional Education
  • 2021: Evaluation of the Hip Complex, Summit Professional Education
  • 2019: Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation, Owens Recovery Science
  • 2019: The Athletic Trainers Response to Opioid Crisis Comprehensive 360 Approach NHMSI
  • 2019: Evidence Based Practice for the Treatment of Running Injuries, Maine General Med Ctr
  • 2019: Manual Therapy and Self Care Techniques, Summit Professional Education
  • 2019: Functional Geriatrics Rehabilitation, Summit Professional Education
  • 2019: Neurologic Dry Needling for Pain Mgmt & Sports Rehab, Dr. Ma’s Dry Needling Institute
  • 2018: AHA BLS HealthCare Provider Cert #ME04141
  • 2018: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification USM instructors Joe Allen, Susan Knapp
  • 2017: Spectrum HealthCare Conference: Interdisciplinary Spine Management
  • 2017: Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, Comprehensive Treatment of the Knee, Great Lakes Seminars, Scott Braje
  • Sequencing and Exercise Progression of Postural Restoration, Michael Mullin
  • 2016: Great Lakes Seminars Applied Techniques Manual Therapy of Common Extremity Dysfunction Through Mobilization, Jeff Garbacz
  • 2015: Northeast Seminars Functional Exam, Treatment SIJ, Pubic Symphysis Brian Mulligan
  • Dark Angel Medical, LLC: Tactical Aid Course
  • 2015: Charlie Weingroff: Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training Seminar
  • 2014: EXOS Lower Quarter Functional Restoration Workshop
  • 2013: Dr. Stuart McGill: Building the Ultimate Back
  • 2013: Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership, Health Leadership Development Program
  • 2012: Graston II Techniques
  • 2012: Graston I Techniques
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  • 2010: Myokinematic Restoration, Michael Cantrell
  • 2010: The Lower Extremity: An International Conference; The Pelvis, Knee, Foot, and Ankle
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  • 2010: Effective Techniques for Total Body Strengthening: Physiology of Strength Training, Program Design
  • 2009: Perform Better Functional Training Summit, Providence
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  • Postural Respiration, Ron Hruska
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  • 2007: Functional Movement Screening & Core Training Workshop, Functional Movement by Lee Burton, Gray Cook
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  • 1995: Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in High School Athletes, Presented to the Brain Injury Association of Maine
  • 1994: Family Practice Resident Lecture on Proper Utilization and Understanding of Physical Therapy, “P.T.–Fact, Fiction, and Prescription” Annual Lecture to each Maine Medical Center Class Annually.
  • 1993: Family Practice Sports Medicine Fellows Annual 16 Week Lecture and Practicum Series on Evaluation and Treatment Approach of the Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Patient Review:

Tim Davoren is an exceptional Physical Therapist. Very knowledgeable about anatomy; knows latest care techniques and looks for ways to help even the most challenging cases; always positive and can-do; great communication skills (listening, explaining) and personality; the patient is his center of attention and focus always.

T. Wheaton, Google Review