Welcome Alex True, PT, DPT to our Freeport Team!

Posted by: Reform Physical Therapy in The Reform Team on May 30, 2023

Alex has joined our Freeport Team to work alongside Delaney Gaetano, PT, DPT! He is fresh out of Physical Therapy school and is eager to begin his PT career. Don’t let that fool you though! He’s joining with plenty of experience helping treat patients of all varieties. Before earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Alex was able to intern at our Topsham & Freeport clinic where he was able to learn the ropes of how Reform operates.

You see, PT students have the opportunity to intern wherever they’d like… some choose the clinics that juggle multiple patients at the same time while others, like Alex, opt for the clinics that offer one-on-one care. The time Alex spent as an intern was influential on his future time as a therapist. He was able to observe his peers, see the level of care they were able to offer, and determine exactly what kind of therapist he wanted to become.

Lucky for us at Reform, he chose to become the kind of therapist we know and love – the kind that focuses on the patient, and nothing else. He has chosen to follow along the Reform path, offering individualized, unique care to his patients, while having adequate time to familiarize himself with their unique needs, conditions, and restrictions.

Alex was raised in Sidney where he played soccer and ran track throughout his high school career. He then continued his studies at Husson University earning Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and subsequently earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. If PT school had not been a proper fit, his backup plan was to become a Sports Analyst. Lucky for us, his intuition was correct and Physical Therapy was the correct choice for him! His exceptional grades are adequate proof of that.

Not surprisingly, Alex is a Boston sports fan, so if there’s a Celtics game on, you’ll likely catch him tuning in. You’ll also probably catch him at the latest foodie hotspots, trying out whatever concoction suits his fancy in the moment. During those long, cold winter months, you might find him out on the ski slopes.