Man holding sore back

Back Pain & SI Disorders

  • Chronic or sudden onset

Degenerative Disk Disease

A condition involving fragmentation, herniation, and loss of ‘cushioning’ between vertebrae.

  • Herniated Disk
  • Hip Disorders
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Injuries
  • Post Operative Spine Fusion
  • Post Operative Laminectomy

You might benefit from physical therapy if you have:

  • Acute and chronic lower back and neck pain
  • Muscle-tension headaches
  • Pain extending into the arms or legs
  • General arthritic back complaints
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Work-related back pain
  • Recently had back surgery

Physical therapy for back injuries varies widely, but may include:

  • stabilization-based exercises
  • gait training
  • posture training
  • core strengthening
  • dynamic stretching