Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy along woman's spine

(Myofascial Decompression)

Cupping therapy utilizes silicone cups to create negative pressure via suction to increase the space between fascial (tissue) layers. The suction from the cup draws the tissue layers and muscles away from each other, allowing for more functional movement.

This process:

  • Increases blood flow which helps draw toxins toward the skin surface and away from nearby tissue
  • Allows muscles, tissue, and fascial layers to move more ‘freely’, allowing for more functional movement
  • Reduces pain & muscle inflammation
  • Breaks up already present scar tissue and reduces the formation of new scar tissue

The majority of our patients report minimal discomfort or no pain whatsoever.

Cupping is billed under the standard physical therapy codes our therapists use. As long as it is medically appropriate and physical therapy is covered by your insurance, there is no additional cost to the patient for cupping specifically.

The suction from the cup forces tissue, fluid, and blood to the skin’s surface. During that process, capillaries (tiny blood vessels) expand and can break open, which is what causes the typical bruising associated with cupping. The process encourages the body to send additional blood to the affected area, similarly to how it would react to an injury, which stimulates the body to begin the healing process.

The bruises are not painful like a typical bruise caused by impact and typically go away within 6 to 10 days.