Read a few of our patient success stories and get a sense of the comfort and quality you can expect from our facility.
We offer essential physical therapy treatment that will increase your mobility and functioning power.

Here’s what our patients have had to say about us:

“If you need physical therapy and don’t know where to go, I would highly recommended Reform Physical Therapy! The physical therapists are great and the staff actually care about you. I had Christina for PT and she is amazing, I would go in feeling like crap and I leave feeling great. It’s the one place where you actually feel at home and not just some client with no name and no time to book. Absolutely love this place!!!!!!”.

Devin J.

“Reform PT and Christina, in particular, has helped me immeasurably! I would HIGHLY recommend a visit if you are in need of physical therapy. Christina doesn’t just tell me what exercises to do and send me on my way: she explains and demonstrates each exercise and follows with a detailed explanation of how my muscles and joints will benefit from the exercise”.

Debbie L.

“I highly recommend Reform for Physical Therapy. Being in the Healthcare field myself I have incredibly high standards in regards to my own care and I certainly received it at Head to Toe. I had the opportunity to work with Christina who was very knowledgeable and invested in my treatment. If I ever need PT in the future I will certainly return to Head to Toe without a doubt”.

Robyn H.

“I had Christina for PT. What can I say she is AMAZING, caring, thoughtful and she just makes it feel like home at Reform PT. This is the place to go. They will be with you every step of the way. A huge thank you Christina, I appreciate all you have done for me physically and mentally!!! FAMILY is all I can say.”

Kathi Y.

“It is the most awesome physical therapy place I have been to. It’s one on one. All I can say is the staff is great they are very friendly and helpful. Christina is awesome she is so knowledgeable. I love her.”

Bonnie Y.

“I can’t enough about this place. The staff is professional but also make you feel like family. The quality of care is exceptionally great”.

Jenn C.

“Top notch; exceptional treatment and patient consideration. Inspiring!”

Maureen F.

“Great staff, very energetic, great hours, feeling great!”

“Excellent care! Christina is extremely knowledgeable and a terrific therapist.”

“I have found all the therapists at Reform Physical Therapy in Topsham are really great & caring. Christina is so caring and energetic that even when it hurts you want to laugh.”

“This is the best PT I have ever had. I will recommend Reform Physical Therapy of Topsham to anyone I know who needs PT. You make me feel like family. Always made progress each visit. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

“My disease has been a difficult experience to process, medically and insurance wise. I am very grateful for the physical therapy that has helped me a great deal. To find a physical therapist that is upbeat, motivated and experienced with my condition gives me confidence!”