3D Motion Analysis

What is 3D Motion Analysis?

Kinotek utilizes a singular LiDAR camera to capture complete, accurate measurements & display amazing, personalized 3D visualizations. Using infrared light, the camera is able to map out your movements from any angle across 360 degrees.

Therapists are able to pause, replay, and slow-down your dynamic movements to pinpoint the points of weakness, asymmetries, and compensations.

What happens during a scan?

Prior to your scan, your therapist will determine which movements you would like scanned.

Your therapist will then set up the camera & equipment, and get you correctly positioned in front of the camera. You will then be instructed to complete whichever movements had been previously decided on. Each movement requires only a few seconds to complete.

Once all of your movements have been captured, your therapist will provide you with your Custom Movement Score. Depending on the results, you may be offered skilled interventions or encouraged to schedule a physical therapy evaluation to address the issue.


Your clothing does not need to be skintight, but it should be fitted to allow the camera to see your silhouette.

Please do NOT wear long flowy dresses, puffy jackets, or other items that ‘hide’ your shape. The camera is most effective if it can deduce your true frame, not the shape of your clothing.

Please do NOT wear black or dark-colored face masks. The camera uses your nose as a point of reference and dark face masks interfere with that.

Though we know they cannot necessarily be easily removed, long beards can hinder the camera’s ability to capture face & neck movements correctly.

The scan typically takes one to two minutes per body movement, resulting in just a few minutes of scanning in total. With the preparatory paperwork & discussion, scan, and review, the entire process takes about an hour.

No. This 3D motion analysis is just that, a motion analysis. A physical therapy evaluation is much more involved and assesses several different mechanics, not just one specific movement.

Your therapist will review your results with you and inform you of what your results indicate. They may or may not offer you suggestions, or they might suggest physical therapy as a solution to your issue.

No, the camera uses infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye and 100% painless.

No, not at all. The scan is simply creating a personalized visualization of your body movements, NOT your actual body. The scan does not show your organs, bones, or other tissue, it simply tracks your movements.

Additionally, this scan is not intended to replace an MRI, CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, or other diagnostic imaging.

Your custom movement score is based on the results of your scan vs. the ‘normal’ range for that individual movement. This score gives you a jumping off point, so you can track your progress as your movements improve.

Anyone who wants to be able to see their own movements! These scans can be used for young children who seem to have an irregular walking pattern, athletes who can’t seem to perfect a certain move, or an older person who wants to better understand why their movement might be limited.

Scans are cash-pay only. We are not able to bill your health insurance for this service. Please use the form above or contact our clinics directly for additional pricing information.